These are strong cotton tote bags, Ideal for carrying your shopping. They are £6, plus £1.50 for UK shipping.

(International shipping available, please contact me for details.)

Contact me to buy.


Tote Bag - Irises



Tote Bag - The New Forest Ponies

The New Forest Ponies


Tote Bag - The New Forest

The New Forest



Tote Bag - Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach


Tote Bag - Jenny holding Wuschel

Jenny holding Wuschel


Tote Bag - Walking in the Forest

Walking in the Forest



Tote Bag - Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour


Tote Bag - I love dogs

I love dogs


Tote Bag - I love guinea pigs

I love guinea pigs



Tote Bag - I love hamsters

I love hamsters


Tote Bag - I love cats

I love cats